Monday, February 1, 2016

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Student Councillor = Casey

Finally... receiving her student councillor badge from the Principle Mr Ryan Pettit

Casey & Jess Mutter - both off to St Mary's next out!!
Very proud of their efforts so far as leaders in the school. XXxx

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jacinta on holidays

Ginger bread houses - these kids are not engineers nor home decorators!

sorry its a bit blurry

Pool fun.
It was great to have Jacinta up for a few days - she was great in the sheep yards although she did miss the early morning starts. And the driving lesson was not bad either.
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It was so hot up here over the weekend, even the birds starting doing crazy stuff! The pink & grey tried to go for a swim and the poor 28 flew straight in to the window - might have a broken neck. There is also 2 dead minors in the front yard - sorry no pics of them!
Yep, that says 49c on the south shaded side of the house sunday afternoon.
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Friday, December 27, 2013

More pics from Christmas Day

Dad & Mum Lee

Justine, Glenys, Aiden & Damien

Kyle, Chris, Kade, Kent & Casey


Keira, Nana, Harper, Jayden, Grandad & Chaise

Nina, Jayden & Damien

Harper & Brad

Chaise & Kade

Keira, Justine, Chaise, Brad & Harper
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Dance concert 2013

hair done, makeup done and ready for rehersal

this is the only photo I have of the dance rehersal/concert. Still waiting for the dvd to be produced. Casey did a great job, especially on her solo to the Bruno Mars song Lazy Song. Very apt!!
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Christmas Day 2013

Fresh out of bed

cool toys

yes, it's an ipad mini !!

some super dooper scooter

present giving at Dandy

more presents
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