Wednesday, March 23, 2011

swimming carnival


Taking the dive

A very happy second place getter


Last week was the kids interschool swimming carnival on a beautiful autumn day. The kids had a great time and Kyle picked up runner-up champion by to his mate Clayton Fowler. Casey swam beautifully and got a second in a division race. Three Springs didn't place in the shields but we now have a swimming club established so those other schools better watch out next year !!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Kade has a bit of an obsession with Teletubbies at the moment so I bought him the complete family from ebay. They all have to sleep with him and then come up to the lounge for the day with him. It's also the best 30 minutes on TV each morning.

He also like shiny things - these are sticky craft beads.
Maybe he'll be a geologist when he grows up

Dwellingup Camp

Ready for action

10m abseiling wall - no worries!!

They say the first step is the hardest.

Kent - about 1/3 way down

The senior classes from Three Springs and Coorow Primaries went on a four day camp to the Dare Adventure camp at Dwellingup. Kent went as a parent helper. Everyone had a ball with lots of activities and new skills to learn. I'm very surprised that Kent tackled the abseiling wall with his slight fear of heights!!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday lunch

Decided to have an early birthday lunch at Dongara on Saturday. We went to Southerlys which is a great pub/restaurant and enjoyed a beautiful meal and a few drinks.
I've had a great day today celebrating 42 years young with a sleep in and a very relaxing Sunday


Casey just being....Casey

Starting early on the cross-trainer - check out the ribs!

Kyle wants a gun for his birthday so he has spent the last 6 months reading magazines and saving his pocketmoney.

Yogurty mouth

pancake eyes

It looks like a sleeping mask!

Feb 2011 pics

Riding on the sheep's back

Jimmy, Kyle & Aden checking out the fleeces

Just count the legs and divide by 4 !!

First day of school for 2011

February 2011 was one of the hottest, humid and most uncomfortable months there has ever been. Thank God for airconditioning !! We did a bit of sheep work, shearing, 3 trips to Perth and 4 trips to Geraldton as well as swimming lessons for the first two weeks of school and a swimming carnival. Time to catch our breath.