Thursday, November 24, 2011

Smudge the Budge

Just when I thought we wouldn't have any more pets - along came Smudge the budgie.
He was rescued by a friend in town who then needed to find a home for him.
He's just a little bit beautiful !

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last week were surprised to see one of our ducks with a brood of 9 ducklings wandering around the farm. We knew she had been laying eggs under the cottage but had no idea when or how many eggs she might be sitting on. Unfortunately there are only 5 babies now as some drowned in a shallow water bowl.
Tooo Cute !!

Hay stack

We cut hay in early October and had it baled in mid October and managed to avoid the dramas of the farmers down south who ended up with wet hay on the ground. Dad came up last week to spend a few days carting and stacking the hay for us. It looks fantastic now with over 220 bales in 3 pyramid like piles. The last photo was artistically taken by Kade.


Kyle with his new super cool hair do - no, thats not a piercing on his lip - just a magnetic ball bearing !!


After almost 18 months without a back yard, we now have a wonderful colourbond fence to replace the old wire one. It might be a while before it looks"nice" but at least it's a start.

The cubby house even had an "up" grade and frees up a bit of space as the sand pit will be underneath it.

After the recent spring rainstorm, the backyard turned into a bit of a mud hole so Kade make the most of the messy fun.

Thumbs up for an early morning bike ride

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gold Coast family holiday

Up close and personal with The Green Lantern

Meeting the Martian

Everybody shuffling - all the characters dancing to LMFAO was hilarious !!

Batman & his batmobile

Whip cracking Cat Woman

The Warner Bros Movie World street parade, which is run daily, was a special highlight as all of the characters danced and interacted with the crowd. Even stopping for a photo opportunity with Casey & Kade.

Gold Coast Holiday

Casey on a bridge

Kade & Kent


The t-a-l-l trees

The cantilever viewing platform which was scarier than all of the scary rides at the fun parks !! It swayed even when you stood still !!

On our last day on the east coast we went for a drive to Tamborine Mountains and checked out the Skywalk through the tall trees. It was very beautiful and peaceful and hard to believe it's only twenty minutes drive from the craziness of Surfer's Paradise.

Gold Coast family holiday

Dinner at Kokonut Willies on the last night out

A big Poppy hug for Cheyenne, Kade & Casey

Little kids playground at White Water World - it dumps a huge bucket of water on the kids!

Sealion performance at Sea World

My big, little bro - Michael

Gold Coast family holiday

splash down at the Wild West log ride at Movie World

Coming down the mountain - get ready to be splashed !!
(should be view before the picture above!)

Enjoying the bumper cars

Kyle & Poppy Jim on the lazy river ride

Aimee, Casey & Cheyenne drying off at Wet 'n Wild

We had a fantastic 10 days on the Gold Coast with family at the beginning of October enjoying the great weather and all 5 theme parks - several times each!

It was great to catch up with Jim & Sandy, Betho, Matt & Aimee, Warwick, Ashli & Cheyenne and Colin, Lisa, Hayley, Ben & Nathan.

We also caught up with my big, little brother Michael who came down from Brisbane. He got to meet Casey & Kade for the first time.

We would thoroughly recommend the Gold Coast for a fun-filled, busy, energetic family holiday. There was something for everyone at the fun parks no matter what your age.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kitchen facelift






We finally decided to give the kitchen a "make over" by having the cupboards, and bench tops relaminated and new tiles on the walls. It made a great difference but now makes the floor look a bit ordinary!! I still have to paint the walls but I'm loving the new fresher look.