Friday, December 30, 2011

yesterday - what a day

a harmless garden spider but it was as big as Kade's hand, in the photo it is between the flywire and the glass door

I dropped Casey off at a neighbours yesterday for a sleepover then took the boys to town for a swim at the pool. When I got home there was a message from the friends saying Casey had rolled her ankle and wanted to come home. When we were ready to come home, the car wouldn't start - we didn't want to mess with the electronics on the car so we called a professional auto-electrician. Kent came over and we jump started the car. Finally got home just on dark.
Casey's ankle swelled up like a football and now has lovely shades of bruising going from the sole of her foot to half way up her calf.
I hope it gets better soon as she is an impatient patient and I'm not the most sympathetic nurse !

Kent is 42 !

Very excited about his new toy.

Kent & Kade shared a toy on their birthday - a great big 1.2m tall crane - cool !!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kade is 3 !!

just the front end of the scooter bike is fun !

all set - ready for a few laps of the passage way

other most fav toy is the Lego man key ring with the light up feet.

The boys celebrated their birthdays today and had a great time unwrapping MORE presents - Kade got the hang of unwrapping presents over Christmas. Chocolate mud cake for early arfternoon tea - yum.
Will have to organise a proper birthday party for Kade in January and invite all his friends to the pool for some fun.

TS Lions Christmas Tree

Kade's turn to meet the jolly man
All the kids eagerly awaiting the present giving
Dress up competition - and we won two prizes !!