Monday, July 23, 2012

Gravity Discovery Centre Gingin

The Leaning Tower - 13 floors - 222 steps

View from the top 

9 bathroom scales that show how much you would weigh on another planet -
I only weigh 4.5 kg on Jupiter !!

Blowing balls in the air 

Making waves

Strong magnetic forces at work

13 floors up and crapping myself !!

You get to carry up a water filled balloon then drop it down the chute to see how gravity works - amazingly it fell to earth and splattered on the sand pit below.

Kerrr -splat !!

On the way to Dandaragan, we stopped at the Gravity Discovery Centre and had a great time. It's like a mini Scitech in the middle of the bush. Besides the science side of the centre, it's a nature reserve with some short walking trails and a 1 km walk where you travel the solar system but on a much smaller scale - each step equals about 6 million kilometers in reality. We were only planning on spending an hour but ended up spending two and still didn't get to see everything! Well worth the drive up the Brand Highway for a great experience.
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WAFL match

Like the paparazzi - Mark Le Cras

Got Mark's autograph !!

Got Mark's & Brent Le Cras' autograph !!

Brent Le Cras having a kick on the wing

Some of the action.

Great day out with the kids on Saturday at the West Perth v South Fremantle WAFL match at Fremantle Oval. Ran into Mark Le Cras in the car park so I had to ask him to sign Kyle's footy - happy to oblige. Then Kyle went and got brother Brent's autograph after the match so now that footy is pretty special.
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Perth Mint


On the holidays the kids had a cultural experience as we visited the Perth Mint. It was a pretty long day starting with a train ride into the City, then the City CAT bus to the Mint. What a fascinating place! We got to watch a gold pour but weren't able to take any photos inside. The same bar of gold has been melted and poured over 36000 time -  since December 1993 - amazing !!
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Milly & Molly

The kids had a great catch up with Milly & Molly these school holidays. Unfortuately Scitech was way too busy the day they wanted to go but the kids raved about the chinese resturant they went to for lunch.
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holiday fun

Kade thought the popcorn machine was hilarious.
There's nothing like a kids infectious laugh to make your day.

Casey & Kent on the old girl

Finally got Kade close enough to get on the harley - he's dead scared of the loud "noisey bike"

The best $5 spent on the holidays

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I have a back yard !!!!

from this... 

... to this !!

Taa Dah !!
After nearly 2 years of NOTHING in the back yard, we called in the professionals (big thanks to Peter and Shannon Wood - Parwood Contracting Carnamah) and got the job done. It was surprising to see how much prep work goes into making a great yard - much more than either Kent or myself would have thought. Since it's been completed the kids are spending much more time outside and Kade has started to ride his bike on the paving for the first time - before he wasn't interested in learning to ride at all. I'm going to wait a while before rushing in and planting the garden beds out but I have planted 3 shrubs on the east outside fence. Now we're looking forward to hanging some party lights, getting some outdoor furniture and enjoying out new yard.
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

sausage sizzle at Jakes


We took the kids up to Jakes for a sausage sizzle dinner last weekend. Any excuse to light a fire!
The kids had a ball collecting firewood but it came in dark & cold REALLY quickly so we were back home just after sundown. Need to do more of this especially over the school holidays.
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