Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back yard fun

The backyard lawn has been getting a bit of a work out lately with the kids going out each evening and either wrestling or practising handstands. Last night was "synchronised handstands" and they nearly pulled it off. Maybe by the end of school holidays it might come together.


After several months of complaining about the dosage getting smaller on medicine bottles and not being able to read at night, I decided it's time to have my eyes checked again and yes, I do need glasses !!
It's taking a bit of getting used to but my goodness, it makes the words jump off the pages and I can read for more than a few minutes before my eyes get tired.
Any how, I think they are quite spunky looking and they don't make me look any more intelligent.


Kade mastering the art of plastic scissor cutting. It's something us adults take for granted but apparently it's quite a feat for a small child.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Casey's dance concert 2012

 Casey's dance group
The dance concert for 2012 had a theme of "pirates" so it looked fantastic when all 30-something students were on stage for the finale. Casey had three dances to perform this year and the first one was a style called "locking" - sorry no pics for that. But it's a bit of street style dance that was taught to them by a backpacking barmaid from Estonia called Britta.
It was another great night and Miss Amanda does a great job of pulling it all together for a wonderful performance in a little country town.

Kindy Practise

Kade had his Kindy orentation day at the end of November and really loved it. He was a bit confused when we then packed away his school clothes until after the holidays. There will be about 12 kids in his class group so that's a pretty good size for our little school and very promising for the years to come.