Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gingerbread House

Mum came up for a few days to look after the kids and this kept them busy for a little while. It actually tastes pretty good with a coffee

Sandy Cape

Beautiful Sandy Cape - shame about the windy day but we all had a swim amd felt like we had the place to ourselves.


Panoramic of Thirsty Point
From the look out at Thirsty Point down to the car park which has been washed away by the sea
 Lake Thesis and the stromatolites
 Stromatolites - very interesting if you were a biologist - not so interesting for the average joe!

We had a quick drive down to Cervantes for lunch at the tavern - beautiful. Didin't get to see the Pinnacles - will do that another time.

Jurien 2013

Grandma's house on Grigson Street -
out the door, cross the road, through the sand dunes and hit the water

 Playing with the remote controlled car
 Star jumper # 1
 Star jumper # 2
  High flying brothers !
 Holding the setting sun
Just Kade
We all had a great time simply relaxing, eating and drinking at Jurien for our holiday getaway. Very much looking forward to going out again and doing more of the same.