Monday, July 22, 2013

Rainbow Cake

Maybe school holidays bring out the crazy in me - but I thought this might be fun to try. Simple packet cake mixes which we coloured then slowly poured into the centre of a round cake tin - too easy.
I think it looks great!!

Lucky me !!

A HUGE thank you to Molly for getting this team poster from the 2005 West Coast Eagles line up. It's funny to look through the names and a) still see them playing for the Eagles or b) say wonder what ever happened to him? This was the Cousins, Judd, Kerr & Cox era!!

July School Holidays

Picnic BBQ at East Three Springs Remote Controlled Car Club (ETSRCCC !!) grounds

Up hill scramble

Top Of The World

Milly & Molly checking out the old stuff at Kadina

Belinda Hair Dressing Salon

What a wonderful school holidays we have just had! We had some much needed rain on the first week - 22mls, which gave the entire farm a great boost. Drea, BC, Harrison & Zebeecame all the way from Albany for 4 nights and overlapped with Chris, Belinda, Riley & Aiden who were on their way back from Coral Bay. Then Milly & Molly stopped in for a few nights on their way to Geraldton. That was great to spend some time with them. The weather has been very cold at night but beautiful and sunny during the day and we can't believe the holidays rea over already - back to school tomorrow :( .